Creating a New Standard
in Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Audit

Better Quality, Faster Results, Lower Cost

"Smart" Process Automation

Powerful policy management tools to organize polices and ensure consistent enforcement

Lightning Fast Audit Testing

A secure automated audit facility allows auditors to automate tests in near real-time and with a high degree of confidence in data integrity

Blockchain Security

A blockchain-based  audit trail that's independently validated  captures all activity and provides rock-solid data trails

Internal Control and Audit Quality

Compliance with company policy is continuously monitored, enforced consistently, and recorded on a immutable blockchain, creating a strong control environment and reliable audit data. 

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Governance, risk and compliance issues continue to grow in complexity and costs are growing with it. Failure to comply can mean staggering fines, loss of reputation and lower sales, remediation costs and increased audit fees.

It's no less of a concern for auditors, public accounting firms or oversight agencies, who face the same financial risks damage to their reputations or loss of public confidence.

BlockValid combines innovative technologies and patent pending methods with the common sense approach that the best way to avoid problems is to make sure it's done right from the beginning. 

Our Values

  1. Fearless Integrity

  2. Little Things make a Big Difference

  3. Gung ho - "Work Together"

  4. Prepare, for Success

  5. Do it Right the First Time. Next time, Do it Better

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster greater trust in our customers, auditors, and markets by continuously improving governance, risk, and compliance processes by:

  • Working collaboratively with GRC & audit professionals and with standard-setting bodies

  • Analyzing and eliminating inefficiencies

  • Standardizing and automating where possible

  • Adopting new technologies to improve security and efficiency

Our Mission

Next Act mission is to provide companies and auditors the world’s most effective system for managing governance, risk, and compliance issues and the audit process.


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1312 17th Street, Ste 2969
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