Our Values

Our core values and business approach are summarized by these 5 core tenets. They are the foundation of our company and shape virtually every decision we make or action we take. 

Fearless Integrity

Well, of course you'd expect someone in the GRC space to say this. 😉  But every business transaction is based on trust and trust relies on integrity.  So, we're not sure how any company can last long without it.  And we chose the modifier intentionally.  Because the only time integrity means anything is when something significant is on the line. 

This Chinese phrase means "work together" and is the unofficial motto of the United States Marine Corps. It describes our attitude towards both people and our products. It neatly summarizes the concept that individuals or applications that work cohesively and cooperatively as one unit can accomplish far more than the same number working individually.

Gung Ho

Little Things make
Big Difference

One thing distinguishes companies and individuals that are able to rise from humble origins to tremendous success in business and immense wealth: they all sweat the small details. No savings in time or cost is too small to overlook and they never stop looking for them.

Prepare for Success

We want to accomplish something great, but it never happens accidentally. So, we prepare carefully: We look for a goal far bigger than the problems at hand and define success before we start. Think carefully through all the potential issues but expect more. Minimize risk where possible but understand there will always be some. Be ready to encounter failure and endure ridicule. Expect it to take time. Never give up.

This is our commitment to our customers. But to accomplish that, it must be the commitment from our team members as well. It doesn't mean someone doing all the work perfectly by themselves. We work as a team to accomplish this. But it does mean supporting the team with best efforts to do the work well and by thinking of improvements.
There's one more piece to this. "Customer" here doesn't mean just our external customers. It means anyone who will rely on your work further down in the workflow.

Do it Right the First Time.
Next time, Do it Better